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For demo purposes, some functions are deactivated in this demo import. This is because we want to give users clean database without advanced settings which is usually just confusing buyers. So, if you need some advanced membership and submit forms, you can read how to setup them in next tutorials

1. Advanced membership and user profiles

2. Submit forms

3. User options, user dropdown, popup

Feel free to ask questions if something is not clear for you

In most cases, if you need community site where users can submit their listing and products, your steps for configuration will be next:

  1. Install Buddypress and Rehub theme.
  2. Enable Login Popup in theme
  3. In Theme option – user option – Add custom register link set page for registration which will point to /register page of Buddypress. You can know exact link of your registration page in Settings – Buddypress – Pages. If you want to use other plugin for user registration, you can set any link in this option
  4. If you want to add different member types and show different forms for different member types, use this step
  5. Install our plugin RH Frontend PRO (bundled). And create form with plugin. You can assign different fields to form and show them in post. You can add links in user dropdown menu in header to page with your forms in Theme option – user option. If you need search filters, post tabs and other advanced functions for posts, use next tutorial 
  6. For User ratings, badges, ranks – install plugin Mycred

If you want to get commissions from eash sale of buyers, it’s better to use our vendor functions instead 

Please, remember, first inner point for user (registration page) must be according to your main function of site. For example, if you want to have simple user site with simple submit function – you can use our popup. For any type of community – use Buddypress and register page of Buddypress. For multi vendor shops, use woocommerce registration page. You can also use any type of membership plugins with theme and make different combinations.

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